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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy First Day of the Writing, 2015

And this is the Song of Los, the Song that he sings on his Watch.


O lovely mild Jerusalem! O Shiloh of Mount Ephraim!

I see thy Gates of precious stones ; thy Walls of gold & silver.

Thou art the soft reflected Image of the Sleeping Man,

Who stretch'd on Albion's rocks reposes amidst his Twenty-eight

Cities; where Beulah lovely terminates, in the hills & valleys of Albion.

Cities not yet embodied in Time and Space: plant ye

The Seeds, O Sisters, in the bosom of Time& Space's womb

To spring up for Jerusalem: lovely Shadow of Sleeping Albion.


Why wilt thou rend thyself apart & build an Earthly Kingdom,

To reign in pride & to opress & to mix the Cup of Delusion,

O thou that dwellest with Babylon! Come forth, O lovely-one!

I see thy Form, O lovely mild Jerusalem, Wing'd with Six Wings

In the opacous Bosom of the Sleeper, lovely Three fold

In Head & Heart & Reins, three Universes of love & beauty.

Thy forehead bright: Holiness to the Lord: with Gates of pearl

Reflects Eternity beneath thy azure wings of feathery down,

Ribb'd delicate & cloth'd with feather'd gold & azure & purple,

From thy white shoulders shadowing, purity in holiness!

Thence feather'd with soft crimson of the ruby bright as fire

Spreading into the azure Wings which like a canopy

Bends over thy immortal Head, in which Eternity dwells.

--William Blake, Jerusalem

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