Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Necessity, Sufficiency, and Evaluating Claims

Many people are confused about the difference between necessary and sufficient conditions or causes, and the confusion leads to a tendency to make exceedingly awful mistakes in evaluating claims.

This post examines the difference between these concepts and explains how to use them in drawing careful conclusions about the universe.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Pit of Because and Sophistry

This post extends the last one by reading a ridiculous post recently made by Jim Eshelman over at the Fruitcake Factory (aka The Temple of Thelema Forums,; read the specific post here) The purpose will be to demonstrate the severe logical problems with his argument and to show how his post is an example of the dangers that the Book of the Law warns us against.

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Your "Own Logic"?

Do you have your “own” logic? If you’re explaining why you think something is true, and someone else challenges it, is it a sufficient response to say that you have your “own” logic when it comes to these things?

Of course not. Read on for a very thorough examination of this claim, along with an analysis of the kookiness that they just rolled out of the Fruitcake Factory.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gems from the Forums: Crowley and His System

From time to time, some folks find themselves confused by my arguments because, as they point out, Crowley believed in all sorts of things that I don’t (things like magic spells, spirit beings, reincarnation, supernatural abilities, etc.). While these folks are, in my estimation, grossly exaggerating the extent to which Crowley probably “believed” in many of those supernatural things, I have no problem acknowledging that my opinions differ from Crowley’s in many areas.

One area in which Crowley and I agree, however, is on Thelema and what it is. That Crowley’s personal beliefs on issues other than Thelema may diverge from mine is not relevant. Yet religiously-motivated Thelemites still often puzzle over this divergence and wonder how what I present on my blog can be, as I say, “Crowley’s Thelema.”
A while back, someone on asked me “whether or not Thelema, as presented by Crowley, necessitates the abscence of supernatural beliefs.”

My response was a good one, and it will comprise the first half of this post. I will follow it by citing another post in which I explain my position further.
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