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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Paths on the Tree of Life: Sephiroth 7-10

The Tree of Life is a Qabalistic symbol to which anything and everything can be attributed. Because of its versatility, it is incredibly useful for categorizing experience, conceptualizing virtually any situation, and analyzing the relationship between ideas.

Much has been written about the Tree of Life, and it is not the intention of this post to reinvent the wheel or even discuss the symbols exhaustively. Many resources exist that will introduce the symbol, and one very useful primer is Erwin Hessle’s "Qabalistic Framework" the first chapter of his excellent book on the small cards of the Tarot.

Since Erwin has done such a fine job elucidating the Sephiroth by means of his discussion of the small cards of the Tarot, I thought that it would be useful if I explored the subject of the paths connecting the Sephiroth (to which are attributed, among other things, the Tarot trumps). If I come even close to doing half as good a job as he did with the Sephiroth, I will be most satisfied with this post (and the ones hopefully to follow) as an introduction to the subject that will get readers thinking about the Tree of Life and that will spur their own investigations.

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