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Friday, January 2, 2015

True Will and Privilege

The term “privilege” is often used to designate the social advantages arbitrarily given to members of particular groups in a particular society, advantages that are largely invisible to members of the groups in question.

While the concept of privilege can certainly be abused and misapplied (often by people with good intentions but poor thinking skills), it also is useful for thinking about certain social issues. More important for the subject of Thelema and Skepticism, the concept of privilege can be useful in helping us see the unarticulated assumptions that underpin our rational judgments. If the work of discovering the True Will is, as I have argued on this blog, the work of identifying the ways in which the mind veils reality from an individual, one of the most difficult veils to pierce are the assumptions that often do not register themselves as conscious thoughts.

Read on for a discussion of privilege and its application in Thelemic practice.