Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Happy Third Day of the Writing, 2019 (Better Late than Never!)

Loud, graciously hear us!
    Now have thy children entered into their habitations. And
nationglad, camp meeting over, to shin it, Gov be thanked! Thou
hast closed the portals of the habitations of thy children and thou
hast set thy guards thereby, even Garda Didymus and Garda
Domas, that thy children may read in the book of the opening of
the mind to light and err not in the darkness which is the after-
thought of thy nomatter by the guardiance of those guards which
are thy bodemen, the cheeryboyum chirryboth with the kerry-
bommers in their krubeems, Pray-your-Prayers Timothy and
Back-to-Bunk Tom.
    Till tree from tree, tree among trees, tree over tree become
stone to stone, stone between stones, stone under stone for ever.
    O Loud, hear the wee beseech of thees of each of these thy un-
litten ones! Grant sleep in hour's time, O Loud!
    That they take no chill. That they do ming no merder. That
they shall not gomeet madhowiatrees.
    Loud, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laugh-
ters low!
    Ha he hi ho hu.

--Finnegans Wake