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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gems from the Forums: Nuit and Hadit

Today’s “Gems” entry comes from a thread in which the original poster was confused about the symbol called “Hadit” in Thelema.

The poster’s question revolves around the fact that Hadit is in some senses “unmoved” and in other senses ever “going.” As the poster puts it: “Hadit is the ‘secret center’, the Hidden One, the distinctive ‘point of view.’ In buddhist and yogic practice, this is often referred to as ‘the witness,’ which is unbounded and unmodified by what it witnesses, and absolutely unmoved. Yet in Thelemic discussions, Hadit goes.”

In response to this interesting question, the poster got mostly unhelpful replies, including the ludicrous suggestion that Hadit is an “idea that transcends 4D space-time” and that we cannot “address Hadit adequately with such a logic that “relies on those finite definitions” of space and time.

Read on for my thoughts on this subject and my description of Nuit and Hadit.