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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Third Day of the Writing, 2013

I'm sure he squirted juice in his eyes to
make them flash for flightening me. Still and all he was awful
fond to me. Who'll search for Find Me Colours now on the hilly-
droops of Vikloefells? But I read in Tobecontinued's tale that while
blubles blows there'll still be sealskers. There'll be others but non
so for me. Yed he never knew we seen us before. Night after
night. So that I longed to go to. And still with all. One time you'd
stand fornenst me, fairly laughing, in your bark and tan billows of
branches for to fan me coolly. And I'd lie as quiet as a moss. And
one time you'd rush upon me, darkly roaring, like a great black
shadow with a sheeny stare to perce me rawly. And I'd frozen
up and pray for thawe. Three times in all. I was the pet of everyone
then. A princeable girl. And you were the pantymammy's Vulking
Corsergoth. The invision of Indelond. And, by Thorror, you
looked it! My lips went livid for from the joy of fear. Like almost
now. How? How you said how you'd give me the keys of me
heart. And we'd be married till delth to uspart. And though dev
do espart. O mine! Only, no, now it's me who's got to give. As
duv herself div. Inn this linn. And can it be it's nnow fforvell?

--Finnegans Wake

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